spunqi - graphic design, web design, and illustration by Hernan Cerezo in Sunnyvale, California.

Hey there! I'm Hernan Cerezo, and I'm a graphic artist in Sunnyvale, California who likes to design, code, and draw.

a little bit about myself

Makeshift weapons for a zombie apocalypse? Fancy escape routes? The adventures of talking animals? My head is always filled with these sort of thoughts, stories, and songs. I'm a right-brained thinker, who was doomed to use a drawing pencil to relieve pent up creative tension.

I save it for my twitter and my tumblr, to spill my love for the power of art. In short, it all has a special place in my heart; more powerful than most think.

Art and design aside, I love good food and good friends, which when combined will scientifically always equal up to a good time. I love the fanciful and pizza.

what about spunqi?

In a time and place where the black space above the skies, is still a frontier untouched by the beings below, Spunqi is a red robin who has just the right balance of optimism, courage, and naivety to make it to space. At least he likes to think so.

Despite skepticism of others, Spunqi keeps pepp in his step, determined to reach for the stars (figuretively and literally).He's a chronic student of life; always prepared to learn more, plan, build, and execute.

What's he got to lose? Afterall, sometimes it's not about point-A or point-B... but about everything else in between.